Safe Water

Water for Schools

Supply generations of students with safe water through a Samaritan Filter specifically designed for schools. You can provide:

Safe Water for 1 Student

080605 - Samaritan Water Filters

Your gift of safe water enables a student to remain healthy and go to school more consistently, fighting the cycle of poverty.

Suggested Gift: $45.00

1 Samaritan Filter for a School

080605 - Samaritan Water Filters

Impact hundreds of students with a gift of safe water in their schools, thanks to this powerful filter. 

Suggested Gift: $10,000.00

Water for Families

Give the gift of safe water to a family through the lifesaving, Canadian-designed BioSand Filter.

1 Water Filter for a Family

080190 - Water Projects

This simple, low-tech filtration solution brings safe water and renewed health into a family's life. 

Suggested Gift: $150.00

Water for Communities

Provide a community with access to safe water through a new reservoir, well, or rainwater storage tank.

Water for a Community

080550 - Community Water & Sanitation

When a community gets safe water, the lives of all residents are dramatically transformed for the better. 

Suggested Gift: $2,000.00

"Out of His heart will flow rivers of Living Water."

– John 7:38