Grand Forks BC - Flood Response

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Thousands of people have been evacuated and have been left with severely damaged homes in the aftermath of devastating flooding in Grand Forks in southern B.C.. Samaritan’s Purse Canada is deploying staff, volunteers and one of its specially-equipped disaster relief unit (DRU) tractor trailers to flooded areas to assist homeowners in need.

All registered volunteers will receive free orientation and training before they are paired with experienced leaders. Volunteers are provided with personal protective equipment to assist homeowners with tasks such as clean up and sanitization. Volunteers are required to get themselves to the host church site, but once on site, volunteers will be provided with food (and accommodation, if needed). Worksites generally operate Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00pm.

Our focus is helping with restoration of homes and properties at no cost to allow families to safely return home following a disaster.

Samaritan's Purse is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world. Since 1973, Samaritan's Purse Canada has helped victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine with the purpose of sharing God's love through His Son, Jesus Christ.

We share God's love through His Son, Jesus Christ. We ask our volunteers to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with our purpose as they serve with us. Notes: Samaritan’s Purse helps people regardless of their religious faith, race, gender, or socio-economic standing, and we usually partner with local churches, just as the Good Samaritan partnered with the innkeeper. For more information on the foundation of our faith, please see our Statement of Faith.

"Go and do likewise" … Luke 10:37d

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For those with heart conditions, lung sensitivities and other medical concerns, please note that you will be required to wear a respirator provided for your protection where high risk of mold is present. Please be aware that the worksite environment may be physically demanding and require extensive walking, lifting, and maneuvering through debris.
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All volunteers will be provided with a bag lunch during their shift(s)