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Processing Dates: February 6 (Tuesday) - July 18th (Thursday)

Have you ever wondered how we assemble shoeboxes that have been ordered on our website at www.packabox.ca? It all happens in the Calgary processing center! At the beginning of each year, Operation Christmas Child orders all the needed items like school supplies, toys, hygiene items, t-shirts etc. based on what donors requested at www.packabox.ca.

Once items arrive in the Calgary processing center, we unpack and sort the items so they are ready to be packed in shoebox gifts. Each shoebox has a specific packing list, so special attention is needed to ensure each gift is lovingly packed as the donor requested.

Volunteers will be assembling shoeboxes and walking up and down a product line, selecting items to add to shoebox gifts. Volunteers will be walking throughout the shift, with some light lifting.

Some volunteers will serve in the packing area to sort shoeboxes and put them in cartons or restock the packing line as needed. Processing center volunteer opportunities are restricted to those 12 years of age or older. One chaperone for every five people is required for volunteers between 12 and 17 years old.

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