Online Exclusives

Online Exclusives

Check out these extra special gifts of hope only available through the online catalog!

1 Comforting Teddy Bear

080699 - Ukraine Response

Give a Ukrainian child a soft friend to snuggle and a storybook as they receive support to heal from war.

Suggested Gift: $20.00

Plant a Grove of Trees

080516 - Agricultural Projects

Supply a farming family with 30 seedlings that help prevent erosion, enrich the soil, and produce abundant food.

Suggested Gift: $15.00

Art Supplies

013658 - Recreational Items

For boys and girls traumatized by war, therapeutic art can help them begin to smile again.

Suggested Gift: $25.00

1 Honeybee Hive

080683 - Iraq Yazidi Support

By supporting a family to begin a bee colony, you empower them to earn enough for food, medicine, and school.

Suggested Gift: $25.00

Soap-Making Supplies

080190 - Water Projects

Give a family the ability to produce soap that prevents disease and helps generate a liveable income.

Suggested Gift: $70.00

Disaster Relief Supplies Kit for 1 Community

080653 - Canadian Community Response

Help equip a community with critical relief supplies and materials when their own resources have become quickly depleted in a time of disaster.

Suggested Gift: $100.00

Job Skills Training for 1 Person

080447 - Vocational Training

Help individuals earn sustainable living wages and reach their potential through small businesses. Learning new job skills can give moms and dads practical tools to earn enough income to support their families.

Suggested Gift: $150.00

Odorless Pig or similar animal

080586 - Large Livestock Projects

A herd of healthy pigs can provide an excellent, sustainable income for a family in need. These amazing animals come with training to help families raise them in a way that naturally keeps them odorless, increasing their value.

Suggested Gift: $250.00

Long-Term Recovery Gifts

080653 - Canadian Community Response

Share in the cost and help put a long-term recovery specialist on the ground to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual help to Canadian families and churches in the months and years it takes to recover from a devastating disaster.

Suggested Gift: $1,000.00

Deploy a Disaster Response Team Member

013310 - Disaster Relief

Share the cost of putting a trained disaster relief specialist on the ground to relieve suffering and share Christ’s comfort in the immediate aftermath of conflict or disaster.

Suggested Gift: $2,000.00

"I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people."

– Luke 2:10