Dear Friend,

The Christmas season is a special time to celebrate the Good News of the Lord Jesus—God’s Greatest Gift—who came into the world to offer us eternal life through repentance and faith in Him. “For by grace you have been saved through faith ... it is the gift of God” (Ephesians 2:8). This is the message Samaritan's Purse takes around the world all year long as we meet urgent needs in His Name.

As you look through the pages of this catalog, you will find dozens of meaningful ways you can partner with us to create access to clean water, provide life-saving medicine, care for victims of disaster, and meet other practical needs. As we help those who are suffering, we have opportunities to offer spiritual comfort and the eternal hope of the Gospel.

I am thankful for your support and prayers.
Merry Christmas!


Franklin Graham, President

Featured Gifts

4 Bibles in a Local Language for a Pastor or Evangelist

080428 - Church and Pastor Support

Your gift of 4 Bibles in a local language will equip a pastor to share the Good News with words that are easily understood.

Suggested Gift: $40.00

Share the Cost of Bringing Safe Water to a School

080605 - Samaritan Water Filters

Share the cost: 1 School-Sized Filter, plus Latrines and Handwashing Stations for a School

Suggested Gift: $100.00

Shoebox Gift for a Child

080590 - OCC Online Shoebox Gifts

This simple shoebox gift delivers good news and great joy into a child's life.

Suggested Gift: $40.00