Operation Christmas Child
Discover the destination of your online shoebox gift!
When you pack your online shoebox(es) with us, select the “Follow my shoebox” checkbox. We will email you when we know which country your shoebox(es) will be sent to. The email will share about the impact that shoebox gifts are having on children, their country, and the spreading of the Gospel message.


The shoebox(es) you donated online will be packed and sent to a child affected by war, poverty, famine, or natural disaster in a developing country. Each shoebox will carry the power of a simple message, that God cares for and loves the child who receives it.

Below is a summary of your donation. Please keep it for your records. For eligible donations, an official tax receipt will be mailed to your postal address in the coming weeks.

If you asked to “Follow your box” on our checkout page, we will email you when your shoebox destination is known, and will provide an update on the impact that Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes are having on children, their country and the Gospel message.

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