Empowering Women

Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Provide a woman with the training and equipment—such as a sewing machine—to start her own business.

Job Skills Training for 1 Woman

080401 - Women's Projects

Knowing a skill or trade can provide a woman with income, dignity and hope. 

Suggested Gift: $150.00

Small Business Start-Up Kit

080401 - Women's Projects

Give a woman a hand up, through an opportunity to launch her own business. 

Suggested Gift: $350.00

Removing Barriers

Help remove barriers—such as lack of adequate sanitation facilities and hygiene knowledge—that often prevent girls and young women from receiving adequate education or other opportunities to succeed. You can provide:

Hygiene Supplies and Education for 1 Girl

080401 - Women's Projects

Help a girl stay in school during her period and realize her full potential.

Suggested Gift: $30.00

Literacy Training for 1 Woman

080401 - Women's Projects

The ability to read opens doors to information and opportunities that bless entire families.

Suggested Gift: $100.00

"This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you."

– John 15:12