Agriculture and Livelihoods


Agriculture and livelihoods projects help people to produce food for themselves and their families over the long term. With one in nine people worldwide suffering from malnutrition, training in effective farming practices helps people transform their land into sustainable sources of food and to generate more income from what they grow. Also, training in job skills and small business management will help families earn a modest income for food, education, medical care, and other needs that help break the cycle of poverty.

4 Chickens or similar animal

080585 - Small Livestock Projects

Chickens are easy to raise, and the eggs they lay provide food for their owners, plus additional income.

Suggested Gift: $40.00

1 Goat or similar animal

080586 - Large Livestock Projects

Goats offer milk for their owners to drink, or sell at market. 

Suggested Gift: $75.00

1 Cow or similar animal

080586 - Large Livestock Projects

Cows can provide meat, milk or cheese for their owners to consume or sell. Share in the cost of a cow and bless a family in need.

Suggested Gift: $100.00

Job Skills

Help individuals provide for their families and reach their potential through small businesses. Learning new job skills can help provide an entrepreneur with the practical tools needed to earn enough income to support his or her family.

Job Skills Training for 1 Person

080447 - Vocational Training

Give someone a hand up with job skills training. Giving someone the knowledge and ability to make money can transform that person's life, as well as their family members. 


Suggested Gift: $150.00

Farms and Garden

Teach families and communities how to grow plentiful, nutritious crops and home gardens. Your gift can provide seeds, tools, and much more.

Seeds and Tools

080516 - Agricultural Projects

Equip a hardworking family to garden and grow nutritious crops.

Suggested Gift: $50.00

Agricultural Training for a Community

080516 - Agricultural Projects

Transform an entire community through this powerful agricultural training gift. 

Suggested Gift: $1,400.00

"And my God shall supply all your need."

– Philippines 4:19