Small Business Start-up

Protect a woman against domestic violence and help her provider for her family through initiatives such as:

Awareness Training and Education

080401 - Women's Projects

Knowledge is power. Help a woman understand how to improve her situation. 

Suggested Gift: $25.00

Vocational Training for 1 Woman

080401 - Women's Projects

Knowing a skill or trade can provide a woman with income, dignity and hope. 

Suggested Gift: $125.00

Small Business Start-Up Costs

080401 - Women's Projects

Give a woman a hand up, through an opportunity to launch her own business. 

Suggested Gift: $350.00

Safe Migration Awareness

Train a church leader to teach safe migration practices in his or her community to minimize the threat of forced migration and prevent human trafficking. Your gift can help provide:

Training for 1 Church Leader

080401 - Women's Projects

This valuable training helps women recognize and avoid predators who draw unsuspecting migrants into dark places. 


Suggested Gift: $200.00

Mothers At Risk

Support a young mother at risk of sexual exploitation with your gift to help provide safe housing, education, counseling, medical care, and vocational training.

Resources for 1 Young Mother

080401 - Women's Projects

Your gift helps protect a young mom at this particularly vulnerable time in her life. 

Suggested Gift: $600.00

"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty."

– Psalm 91:1